Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tips For Not Giving Up On Writing

                You open up a Word document and start typing madly, your thoughts taken over with a new idea, your head swimming with characters’ voices and personalities. After your short burst of energy, you stop, and reread. You ask yourself why you had written that and realized that you turned the wonderful idea bad, unintentionally. Basically, you completely hate it. You sigh and wish you didn’t feel driven to write, and think about giving up on writing (in addition to making whoever’s around you listen to your rants as you eat too much chocolate).

                Nobody wants to write badly, but often, they do. Everyone who writes a lot has bad days, even published authors. I’ve had many myself, or moments when I realize that what I wrote was completely below my expectations. I’ve thought frequently about giving up on one of my favorite hobbies, and what I consider my passion. I’ve given up for a while, but eventually something always makes me come back to it.

                No matter how deep you’re entrenched in your current state of irritation at your writing, you can always revise it.  Also, mulling over it for a while usually helps me if I’m not quite satisfied with a scene, and them I come up with details or a point of view that makes it better. Additionally, I sometimes choose to leave it alone for a week or so and then come back to it, when I usually have better insight. I try to look at it objectively, like I was reading someone else’s work, and then edit it from there. If all else fails, I’d save it and start a new idea that you like. You can always go back.

I promise continuing’s worth it.

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