Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Writer's Block


                                Ah, the irony. As I write this, I’m being struck with writer’s block. Of course, most authors say it doesn’t exist, but for this blog post, I’m going to say it does, at least hypothetically, for the sake of conversation. I’ve been getting writer’s block lately. I’ve recently written stories that I absolutely loved, and now I just don’t feel like what I’m writing can compare. I also haven’t had many good writing prompts lately that really inspired me. I’m going to try not writing for a while, and focusing on other things. The thing is, I know I can write moderately well, or at least that not everything I write is horrible, but I just can’t shake my writer’s block. How do you get rid of it?

                I’d suggest, from my non-authoritative platform, to . . .

·         Try some writing prompts, or make up some story-starters, like thinking of a great first line and writing a story to go with it

·         Take a break from writing for a while, and get out into nature or do something that promotes endorphins

·         Be non-judgmental when your writing isn’t your finest

·         Set goals for yourself for writing so you don’t get discouraged and distracted

·         Know that you can edit and change parts of your writing later, after the first draft

·         Read some of your favorite books, and don’t stress out about it

·         Remember that you love, or at least like, writing and why

·         Have some quality social time with friends
I hope this helps. Oddly enough, I’m going to take some of my own advice. I’ll keep you posted on however that turns out. Happy Wednesday!

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