Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo Journal: Week 3

            My novel is going very, very well. By that, I mean I’ve written 10,005 words in the past week. Also, there has been just enough conflict, and my characters’ relationships are good. I love my characters, and my plot has been going well enough. I don’t have many awkward, time-filling lulls that I did in my June novel. Might I add that I am 10,000 words ahead of schedule? Yes, NaNo life is very sweet now.
            My novel by the numbers (so far):
·         3: characters whom I absolutely love

·         1: start of a romance

·         2: women who are out to get Kera (my MC)

·         40,154: words so far

·         6: days ahead of schedule

·         2,230: my average  number of words per day so far

·         1: case of extreme estrangement

·         2: scenes where Kera’s in her best friend’s (and crush’s) arms

·         1: death

·         3: comments of stunned disbelief made by my friends

·         18: days of writing happiness

Good luck to everyone who’s doing NaNo, and who will be starting week 3 as of tomorrow. Happy writing, and may the traveling shovel of death enter your novel as needed!
The writer girl


  1. Haha! this was soo funny, by the way eariler this year I found your blog and I really liked it but I couldn't comment-now I can. Oh and I was -seeing as today is the last day- doing nano (ywp) and yup this is so -nano, though I wish I got 10,000 words ahead, I ended up being a winner at a pitful 15,000 -it is my first year and I had two weeks of travel on top which didn't help the writing at all, at least I got something :)

    1. Thank you! I try. :) In the spirit of NaNo, I didn't have much effort, so I was writing whatever came to the top of my head. I'm glad that you liked it (and that it made sense). Anyway, 15,000 words is a lot. It's 15,000 words more than 99% of the people I know wrote in a month. There's always next year, too.


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