Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lessons from NaNoWriMo

                I had an actual plan for a blog post, for once, but as usual, I forgot about blogging until the last minute, so another list it will be. Well, and I don’t have anything drastically important to say this week.
                What I learned from NaNoWriMo:
·         Save your document, unless you want to spend precious hours madly retyping from memory (not like I’ve done that, or anything . . . )

·         Sometimes, it’s helpful to know who your main character will be before you start (who’d a thunk? I know, I know—it sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. Take my word for it.)

·         Eat lots of chocolate, or drink coffee or tea, if you like that sort of thing

·         Write or Die is immensely helpful, although at times, I cheated, I’ll admit

·         Write. Whenever you have time. I routinely crammed on the weekends, averaging 3.5k for Friday-Sunday, because that was the only time I could write

·         Bask in your family and friends’ amazement, and remember you’re a writer

·         Don’t care if you have no clue where you’re going; somehow, it will be resolved, albeit it may be full of plot holes

·         Forego turkey and relatives until you’ve gotten your daily word-count done (at least, if you’re in the US)

·         You can always catch up. I never got behind, but I saw people who wrote so much in the last few days

·         Always add more conflict. Make up high-stakes scenarios. I put my MC captured, locked in a bathroom with a guy outside who wanted to kill her or something, but you don’t have to go that high. By the way, she got out by crawling out the window.

·         Word-count is important, but autocorrect is not your friend (read: guess who had an awful autocorrect mistake a few days ago? Yep, that’s me!)

·         Have fun. And eat more chocolate. Sleeping’s always an added bonus too

For now, I think that’s about it!

Some of my favorite NaNo quotes from family and friends include:

-“Katia’s writing a novel. (To me) Why are you writing a novel? If I was writing a novel, I’d fall asleep while I was writing it.”

-“Wow, I heard you’re getting published . . . ,”
I’m sorry, but I am so not getting published right now. I’m 14, with relatively little experience, and this is a bad first draft. Nobody would want to buy that, and I haven’t even mentioned to you that I’d want to get published.

-(I was complaining to my grandma about how I was having novel trouble and I didn’t have a plot, really)
My grandma: “Well, that’s okay. You’ll figure it out once you write six or seven!” Meaning, six or seven novels. I have at this point written two. She has never written a novel, as far as I know.

                Nothing much is new, really. I wrote like a fiend this past weekend, and sent my spell-checked first-draft out to my critique partners. It will get torn apart, so I’m going to have to deflate my glowing opinions. Of course, in time it’ll be better, I just know that for a certain amount of time, I will hate the anonymous beta readers. After that, I’ll get over it, though. I’m also going to do the Year of Writing Continuously, which I know little about. The most meager of details have been provided to me, but other than that, I’m not sure. I think it’ll be very fun, though. My personal goal for myself is 1,000 words per day, or 365,000 in the next year, starting from March 1st.

The writer girl


  1. Love this! I have had way too many experiences with having my work erased and having to retype everything. So frustrating! Seems like I would've learned my lesson by now. =)

    I completely agree with the chocolate and coffee part. I don't know how I would ever make it through a first draft without those two!


    1. I agree. You'd think that I'd get smarter about that sort of thing. Of course, it was a first draft, so it didn't matter too much. I'm rewriting it anyway.
      Thanks for commenting! Also, your blog is very inspiring.

  2. Our family/friends are the best. :)


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