Saturday, May 4, 2013

Khattam Shud

Khattam Shud means "it is finished" in Hindustani, one of the few useful things I learned from Haroun and the Sea of Stories (apart from the quote: "The world is not for fun! The world is for Comptrolling!" [I plan to shout that at someone I'm micromanaging someday. The books I read in school...]). The Tinkers is finished. With a completely awful synopsis on the "My Novels" page, and 59,500 words of prose, the first draft is done. I finished it on Tuesday, along with winning Camp (with 28 spaces to spare). It's been hard. I was at the point on my story where I really didn't know where I was going, and it took a lot to sit down every day and keep writing, hoping that Dem would work himself out of trouble. For the most part, it worked.

Once The Tinkers was done, I realized that I really like writing novels. And I had no idea what to write next. So, one inspired-poem and two half-baked short stories later (including a modern-day fairy-tale--two words: gingerbread apartments), I've realized that I'm stuck. For the next four weeks or so, I will not be working on any novels. I want to, but I know I've got to take a break. Patience for most things has never been my strong suit, though.

Writing novels is incredible. Sitting down every day or so and pouring out a story, filling it with adventures, your deepest thoughts, personality traits you may not have realized you have. Making your characters go on a journey and find themselves until they are so real you're surprised they don't really exist. (And wishing they did.) For me, this never happens with short stories. As much as I may try, and ultimately enjoy them, it's never the same. And I just really love Dem as a character.

Overall, I'm happy. I've guided new characters through a world "laced with sharp-edged medical equipment, needles to inject you, syringes to fill your skin with poison." (Yep, I'm quoting my own first draft here.) I learned about their endearing quirks, how they all embody parts of my personality, some more than others. Most of them survived. I have 60,000 more words written than I did a few months ago, and a science-fictiony dystopia that I love, at least. That's something, right? Now if only it wasn't so rough around the edges.


  1. WOOT! Way to go!! It's done! But you're staying in for the 100x100 right?! Oh, we're so close to the end. Basically, what? 9 days to go? I'm totally taking a writing holiday, for a loooong time.

    Awesome feeling have a book done. Don't worry that it's rough. ;) It's going to be the top of awesomeness someday.

    1. Yeah, I'll just be writing random stuff until then. What are you going to do on your writing holiday? Edit? Or will you actually take a real break from writing?
      That's really sweet that you think it's going to be the top of awesomeness someday. I've just gotta make it get there in about a month. Thanks for all your support. I have a good feeling about this one.


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