Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 TeenInk NYC Writing Camp

When I signed up for this camp, I thought it was going to be a bunch of teenage girls geeking out and writing for two weeks at Juilliard, which was true, but it was so much more. Most of the girls I met (and got to know) were really cool and unique, as well as awesome writers. I mean, how often do you meet amazing people your age who read and write for fun?

It was so cool to connect with them, whether through sharing our writing, writing together (and laughing and telling stories and dancing in the rain), or having nightly discussions about life, philosophy, and the crazy world of professional ballet. I didn't get too much sleep, but I already knew that going in, and everything that we did was really cool (with great company) so I didn't mind.

The writing classes were really thought-provoking as well, and I got some good writing done while at the program. Although I'm not a big fan of sightseeing, it was still cool. After all, we were in New York. The chaperones were all very nice, while strict. We were chaperoned constantly, which did feel stifling at times, but it worked out well, and it was definitely a safety thing.

The plays we got to see and the writers we got to talk to were so inspiring. The New York Times visit was my favorite. We got to talk to five different editors/ journalists, and then listen in on a "Page One" meeting, where the heads of each department talked about the article they thought should go on the front page, and made the decision towards the end.

In case you're wondering, the furniture in the dorms possesses the amazing ability to creak every time you breathe, let alone move. As for the food, well, Juilliard isn't exactly a culinary school. However, everything else was awesome, and I loved it. The trip is expensive, but I’d highly recommend it. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Wow!!! I'm totally jealous. It sounds like an amazing!


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