Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Tinkers Excerpt

I haven't posted an excerpt in a very long time, as I've been preparing to finish my novel. Now, with only 10k left, my secrets can be revealed.
I'd love to hear what you think, but keep in mind that this is a first draft, so I will be making it better in the next few months.



"What, Luria?"

"I'm not going to be a Captive," she vows.

"Well, neither will I." We run faster, faster, until we can't hear [the Guards'] footsteps anymore. We dodge through hallways and offices, hoping they won't find us. My heart races. Finally, I see the exit sign glowing in the distance. I sprint towards it, my sides burning. Luria pants, sprinting beside me. I reach the door and press on it, my muscles weary and nervous with adrenaline. Luria's pale eyes glow. We run through the door into a shock of bitter fall air, and then the alert comes.

My watch buzzes. I stop for a minute, just to look at it. I read the message.


Luria smiles bleakly. "It's true." She pulls her hair back, her face red and flushed from the ride.

"Guess we'd better turn ourselves in."

"I won't."

I nod. "Well, I won't either."

"I knew you wouldn't," Luria says. She shudders, slightly. Goosebumps rise on her arms.

The fear hangs in the air, almost tangible. What if? They'll be coming for us soon. We've got to hide, do something. It doesn't matter. They'll find us anyway. But still. Still.


  1. Yes, yes, Katia. WHAT IF? WHAT NEXT is also a valid question.

    1. True. And as a pantser, I can honestly say that I have no idea what's coming next, so you can't read whatever's next yet. I'm sorry.

  2. Hey, Katia! I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a stop for my blog tour, which will be promoting my upcoming YA novel, "Purple Moon". Please send me an email at christiswrite(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested.

    Thanks! God bless,



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